Frequent Questions

Boarding Requirements 

All dogs are required to have up to date vaccinations. Without this dogs will not be permitted to stay at Razz n Jazz Kennels. Please either email us a copy or bring along their vaccination certificate for our records. Any medications must be supplied in the original containers and clearly labelled with the name of the medication and dosage required. Veterinary prescribed diets must be supplied and clearly labelled with all instructions.

May I inspect the kennels?

Yes, please phone to make an appointment during opening hours.

May I bring my pet’s bed and favourite toys?

Yes, we believe it is beneficial to your pet to have their belongings from home (except bean bags and feather doonas). You can also bring along their favourite toys and any coats or jackets they would normally wear. Please be aware that we will not take responsibility for any damage that occurs to your pet’s belongings.

Do I have to supply the food?

We supply Royal Canin premium dry food for our borders. If your dog has a special diet, you can bring their own food, and we offer a discount on their stay.

Will my pet fret?

Every dog is different, but most will settle within an hour or two. Morning drop offs are recommended to allow your pet to become accustomed to their surroundings. Lots of interaction (and treats) from us usually will convince them that they are going to have a great holiday.

Do you bathe my dog?

We have hydro bath facilities and will give your beloved pooch a wash upon your request.

Can I speak directly with the owner of Razz n Jazz Kennels?

Yes. We pride ourselves on being an owner operated kennel. Please contact us with any questions.

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